The Future of DXpeditions

I got into a bit of a twitter exchange yesterday with some people. It started because Rich Holoch KY6R made his own blog post with the title "The Future of DXpeditions?" and my response "Expensive hobby + expensive trips = lots of old people on DxPeditions. Nobody else can afford it." got several retweets and a favorite or two, and a couple of responses. I have trouble fitting what I think about this into 140 characters, so I'll post it here.

Ascension Island on the Air This Weekend

This weekend G4DBW will be on the air from Ascension Island as ZD8RH. Details here.

DXPedition to Curacao

ON6DX will be in Curacao from June 28, 2013 to July 7, 2013 as PJ2/ON6DX.

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