Interesting Links that I have found

Interesting Links That I Have Found

Hello. I'm Jonathan Guthrie and
these are some interesting links that I've found or been told about.

The Links

My Other Links Page

My links of a more general interest

Ham Clubs and Other Operators

The Adventure Radio Society is an organization of people who run radio in the back of beyond. They hold a contest called the Spartan Sprint on the first Monday of every month
Texas Radio Zone is the Internet home of Randy, AB5V
Andy's Home page.

Surface Mount Soldering Links

SparkFun Electronics Surface Mount Soldering Tutorial
Surface mount soldering in depth at Hack a Day
Surface Mount Soldering 101 at Curious Inventor

"Alternative" Energy

Making solar panels from broken solar cells.Includes links to sources for the broken cells

Supplies for Making Stuff

Circuit Specialists sent me a link to their stepper motors but they have a lot of cool stuff including more links!
Of course, how could I forget Jameco, Digi-Key, Mouser and Newark
Tayda Electronics has really cheap components
NerdKits has practical electrical knowledge

Propagation Information

Space Weather has a lot of the current goings-on in space
Solar HAM has a collection of solar related imagery
Solar Monitor
Solar Information
Site for all the ionosondes
PSK Reporter Map with real-time propagation information
VOACAP propagation software for Linux
NGDC Has sunsport numbers for VOACAP
VOACAP for Windows
VOACAP quick guide
VOAProp is a different program, also based on VOACAP
On-line propagation predictions
PDF VOACAP tutorial from the ARRL
The PropNet is an HF network designed to discover propagation information

Links to Vendors of Ham Radio Gear

American radio Supply seems to have have everything but radios
ABR Industries sells coaxial cable assemblies and general feedline things
MTC. Paris, Texas
Myriad-RF is an open-source project for the prototyping and creation of fully configurable wireless platforms that run on almost any communication standard and frequency. They're definition of low cost says that $300 is low. I suppose it is. However, the frequency range of 260MHz to 3.8GHz is not quite where I would prefer.
PowerWerx is the home of Anderson Powerpoles and has Wouxun radios and all kinds of wire and cable and other stuff.
RF Parts Company has ham radio gear
Milestone Technologies
A.K.A Morse Express, A.K.A. Oak Hills Research, A.K.A. Ameco
sells all kinds of parts, kits, keys, and various cetera
High Sierra Microwave
has transverters and low-noise preamps for VHF and UHF
Universal Radio was "the candy store" when I was a new ham in Ohio
Advanced receiver research has VHF and UHF preamplifiers
Down East Microwave (DEMI) a source for transverter kits and gear
DB6NT sells microwave transverters
KJ6KO sells microwave power amplifiers
The RF Connection "Specialist in RF Connectors and Coax"
BUXCOMM has new gear and parts and such. They also have
a bunch of information about BALUNs and Packet Radio in their links section.
Burgghard Amateur Radio used to be a vendor.
now, they just do service
R & L Electronics
M2 Antenna Systems makes antennas including eggbeaters and high-gain EME antennas
Pacific Antenna has a portable antenna kit
N3ZN makes very nice iambic and single-lever keys on heavy steel bases
K8RA makes very nice brass iambic and single-lever keys with plastic and wooden finger pieces

Links to Ham Radio Kit Suppliers

GenesisRadio has several kits including the G59 HF SDR transceiver
Yoyodyne Consulting has some kits
Javier Solans Badia offers the ILER kit in both 20m and 40m varieties
David Brainerd has kits for sale
FiveDashInc. makes kits for the SoftRock radios
QRPme appears to be a site for Maine QRP enthusiasts, but they have kits and a kit of the month club
KD1JV designed the well-regarded AST-3, which is no longer being made, but he's got a new kit in the works and a bunch of other stuff
Hendricks QRP Kits has, well, a bunch of QRP kits
Small Wonder Labs produces the Rockmite crystal-controlled QRPP transceiver. Of course the SW+ series is probably a better choice for beginners due to the higher power (2.5 W WOW!)
Ramsey Electronics also has kits that aren't exactly ham radio kits
Much of KK7B's stuff, and a bunch more besides is available from Kanga US
W1GHZ does all kinds of microwave stuff, including transverters
Kits and Parts "The Toroid King" has, um, kits and parts. Interesting stuff

Suppliers of Parts for Making Stuff (and related)

Jubilee Enterprises is where I buy my coax connectors from. They have other things, too. Check them out.
Oren Elliot Products is the large US manufacturer of air-dielectric variable capacitors
The Parts Place features small computer and radio parts for the experimenter hobbyist
CadSoft is the Home of EAGLE

Instructions for Making Stuff

How to make the perfect printed circuit board, part 1 of a series
IW5EDI's how to make a balun to match various impedances in French.
M0SCG's how to make a 1:1 and a 4:1 current balun
EA4EOZ's how to make a 1:1 and a 4:1 balun
AA5TB's Homemade HF Antenna Balun
How to use gEDA to make printed circuit boards
How to prepare Eagle (schematic) files for manufacture
Turn an EAGLE schematic into a PCB
Chemical etchants for making printed circuit boards
to the superhet receiver

Software Defined Radio

A review of the SDR Touch which is an SDR application for Android
The Peaberry from AE9RB is a modestly priced SDR transceiver kit
Owen Morgan, KF5CZO has an article about using a $20 computer TV dongle to do SDR.
Universal Software Radio Peripheral part of the Gnu Radio Project
The Soft66AD is a direct-conversion receiver for software-defined radio available in kit form.
The GNU Radio is the software.
The Universal Software Radio Peripheral is hardware
Flex Radio Systems makes hardware and software
The Fun Cube Dongle is a USB key with a receiver in it that covers 64-1700 MHz.
A video that talks about the way that electronics hardware design works. Language content warning
CW Skimmer is a multichannel automatic CW receiver

Satellite Operations

KB5WIA has information about running a small moonbounce station
The One True Rule of doppler shift correction
A list of satellites and their frequencies

Meteor Scatter has a lot of links and info. is a place to work out meteor scatter schedules

Construction plans and stuff

RF Cafe has coaxial cable data
So does this guy
QRP World has a Milliwatt CD
K3NG has built a keyer out of an Arduino
Csaba, YO5OH has a bunch of plans and such.
The NB6M Miniboots which is a 5 watt linear amplifier for a QRP radio.
The "QRP Gallon" amplifier at KD7REM's site
KD7REM's QRP stuff
The DMOZ directory of ham homebrewing has a lot of really useful information about building radio communications gear.
Alan Yates is interested in homebrew radio and home foundry

Uncategorized (as of yet) Links

Ham Hijinks is "The Noise Blankers" contribution to ham, um, culture
N3CW's Resources for the CW Enthusiast
The Cabrillo Summary Sheet V3.0 describes the format used to submit electronic logs
802.11b Homebrew WiFi Antenna Shootout takes the concept of the WiFi "Pringles" antenna to
its logical conclusion. However, he seems to be not terribly technical. Yagi-Uda antennas aren't all THAT complicated
Transystem makes downconverters
An explanation of various SSTV modes
Surplus Sales of Nebraska has all manner of electronics and surplus stuff.
Encoder Wheel Generator by Nick Ames with some nice features
Linux Hamradio Application and Utilities
Linux Journal Ham Shack
Homebrew radio information
QRP and Homebrew infromation
AVR Freaks has information about building systems with Atmel AVR processors and about programmining those systems.
Celeritous has, um, stuff. including Surface mount practice boards
Electronic School Supply also has Kits for learning to solder
As does Hobby engineering see, for example, here
RF Parts Company has a bunch of stuff including coaxial relays.
Several Simple ICOM 706MKIIG accessories
Links to Ham Radio Vendors
A 10m halo antenna.

Antenna (plans and analysis) Links
The DXZone's list of antenna links
Hard Core DX page of wire antennas
The DXZone's list of Antenna Calculators
N7WS has information about simulating short loaded antennas
6-meter J-Pole Antenna although I'm no longer much of a fan of J-Poles I found several links to them including Here. Also look for the cactus multiband J-Pole.
The Sterba Curtain
L. B. Cebik 'Nuff Said!
Steve Yates, AA5TB has information about End Fed Half Wave Antennas which I've been thinking about because you don't have to figure out how to get the feedline to the center of the antenna.
EI8IC's Ham Radio Antenna Links


W0XI's 100 most common words, etc. for CW practice
Zen and the Art of Radiotelegraphy by IK0YGJ
SKCC is the Straight Key Century Club is the International Morse Preservation Society
The CW Operators' Club


What is the best Chinese dual-band HT? when you're in the mood for really cheap Chinese radios
All Transistors Datasheet has a bunch of transistor datasheets that are searchable by various parameters
Serge Stroobandt, ON4AA has an inductor calculator which seems mostly for antenna loading coils.
The characteristics of vacuum tubes


ON4WW's "How to Operate" (in English) for beginners

Modulation Mode Documentation

Amateur Television in Central Ohio has information about digital fast-scan ATV formats
WSJT does FSK441, JT6M, J65 and others while WSJT-X does JT-9
A simple (hah!) HOW-TO for using WSJT on HF article on HF JT65A
JT9 Yahoo Group
JT65 yahoo group
JT65 on HF
PSK31 "Official" Homepage
Getting Started with PSK31


The AC4M Digital Radio Site
How an S-Meter is supposed to work
The Radio Shack HTX-10 appears to be similar or identical to the Albrect AE 485S also
These folks have a CTCSS board
Mobile Ham Radio Site
Deal Extreme sells, um, stuff. Some of it is even ham-related. Allows you to track APRS stations in real time
The world shipping register has
a list of many (most? all?) ships, many of which carry APRS beacons.
The home page of
Lloyd Butler, VK5BR
who has a long history of publishing
articles about amateur radio technology
Hacking the Baofeng UV-3R
Hacking the Baofeng UV-5R