80m pileup heard

By JonathanGuthrie, 27 February, 2013

After months of wondering if anyone was using 80m at all, and finally shifting the frequency of my Ft. Tuthill 80, I have at long last heard strong signals aplenty. I must have copied at least two dozen calls around 3.530 MHz all frantic to work somebody. Unfortunately, I don't know if I could hear that other station or not. I certainly didn't copy any call that I would think would be rare.

I conclude from this that my antenna needs improvement. Since I already knew that and am planning to do something about it, that's a convenient conclusion.

BTW, there are accounts on this site getting created. I don't think they're real people. If you are a real person who wants an account so that they can comment on one of these articles, then write to me at my email address, which is my call sign at the domain name and let me know what it is so I can let you in. I would be especially interested in seeing from someone who was working some DX station at about 0300Z on 27 February 2013.