More adventures in SDR

By JonathanGuthrie, 24 January, 2019

This year, my place of employment gave me an end of year bonus, and it was substantial. It was, in fact, the largest bonus I have ever received. So, I went a little nuts buying stuff, mostly electronics. I got a couple of things I've wanted to get for a while. An SDR receiver dongle that works for HF, and a device I've wanted to buy for a while, which is a HackRF One. A HackRF One is a software-defined transceiver that covers all the frequencies from 1 MHz (and possibly lower) up to 6000 MHz. Now, I'm not (yet) interested in anything above about 200 MHz, I'm okay with having the capability.

The only problem is the transmitter's output power. In HF, the specs say that it puts out 15 dBm, which translates to about 30 mW. I want 10 W, or 40 dBm, so I need 25 dB of gain. I'm in the process of designing an amplifier that should do the job, but I've never designed an amplifier before, so I'm a little concerned. We'll see how it goes.