Update to my Ft. Tuthill 80

By JonathanGuthrie, 26 February, 2013

I finally figured out that tuning the Ft. Tuthill from 3560-3600 (or thereabouts) put me higher in frequency than most of the people who are operating 80 meters these days. Since I'd lost the additional components that came with the kit, it took me a while, but I bought some 33pF capacitors at Fry's (and the guy there in the aisle who was looking at resistors told me about Tayda Electronics which is an amazingly cheap place to buy electronic components.

Anyway, I install the capacitor last night (although the leads are a little long--I'm not sure it makes a difference in this application) and adjusted the tuning down to a range of 3.505 MHz to 3.545 MHz (give or take) and I heard a signal last night, but it wasn't good enough to work. This may be what I needed to have done to make some contacts with this rig.