Keyer Project Update - Almost Public

By JonathanGuthrie, 26 March, 2017

Well, I've been working on the memory keyer and it now can record and play back memories programmed through the keyboard. I can send a serial number that gets updated automatically, and I've fixed the odd bit here and there. I've confirmed it compiles through the IDE on Windows, although I'm still stymied by the IDE under Linux. I also tested to see if it really would key the FT-102. It does.

I'm going to be figuring out how to put the code out on github and making an announcement on the Radio Artisan Yahoo Group. I have to make sure it's okay with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, my employer.

Of course, there are still lots of things that I want to do with it. Getting the keyboard fully functional heads that list, but it's almost to where I can tell people about it. Of course, if there are any actually people here, you know about it, but I have never really believed that there is anyone here that is an actual person.